Thomas Gillant's work is characterised by gestural abstraction, digital aesthetics and visual perception. Using oils with spray guns, brushes and rollers, he works on recurring themes such as mark-making within three-dimensional space and the relationship between the manual and the digital.

Spatial voids and uncanny pictorial dimensionality are recurring subjects of fascination for the artist. Reflections, artificial shadows and iridescent colors are used as many visual tricks to challenge the viewer’s perception. Yet, the bold brush marks, the sculptural carvings, the saturated hues of dripping oil paint, all have an expressive accent that calls on the full attention of our senses. Toying with optical and painterly effects, his work rides on the tension between the illusion of three-dimensional depth and the objecthood of the paintings.



“I like using a blend of additive and reductive painting techniques, spraying several layers of paints and erasing some partially until the result has a sense of depth reminiscent of a photograph or a digital image. A dimensionality which isn’t really there when you look closer. The brush marks and the casting shadows both affirm and contradict the illusion of depth. It's an interplay between virtual representation and tangible physicality”.

MAA, France
Based in Tokyo

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Recent and upcoming exhibitions :

2024 Upcoming / TBA / Kameido Art Center (Tokyo)

2024 / Bermuda / Loop Hole (Tokyo)

2024 / Motion of works / Ps.kot (Amsterdam)

2024 / Layer by layer / Yu Harada (Tokyo)

2024 / Dimension Blur / TOH (Tokyo)

2023 / Asyl / Paichu (Tokyo)

2023 / 爽籟 (SOURAI) / Sukiwa (Tokyo)

2023 / Roots of Day - Dying on the Vine / JC Gallery (London)

2023 / Dawn till dust / UltraSuperNew (Tokyo)

2023 / Black of all colors / KTO Gallery (Tokyo)

2022 / Void Motion / Kameido Art Center (Tokyo)

2022 / IN/TANGIBLE / Art for Thought (Tokyo)

2022 / Every lining has a silver cloud / KTO Substitute (Tokyo)

2021 / Art Byte Critique Show / Launchpad (Yokohama)

2021 / Epic painters / The Blank Gallery (Tokyo)

2020 / Shift operation / Cave Gallery (Tokyo)

2020 / Interactive Youth / Gallery Hinoki (Tokyo)