Thomas Gillant's work is characterised by gestural abstraction, digital aesthetics, and colour vibration. Using oils in a limited palette and a wide range of tools, including spray guns, brushes and rollers, he resists emphasising any specific aspects of the composition, thereby uniting the canvas and keeping the eye in motion.

He explores recurring themes such as mark-making within three-dimensional space and the relationship between hand-painting and digital creation. Toying with the perception of colors and the depth of field, his work has an immediate visual impact.

トマ・ジランの作品は、ジェスチャーによる抽象表現、デジタルな美学、色のバイブレー ションを特徴としています。スプレーガン、ブラシ、ローラーなど様々な道具を使い、油絵具を使用します。


MFA, France
Based in Tokyo

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Recent exhibitions :

2023 (upcoming) / Black from all colors / KTO (Tokyo)

2023 (upcoming) / Dawn till dust / UltraSuperNew gallery (Tokyo)

2022 / Void Attraction / Kameido Art Center (Tokyo)

2022 / IN/TANGIBLE / Art for Thought (Tokyo)  

2022 / Every lining has a silver cloud / KTO Substitute (Tokyo) 

2021 / Epic painters / The Blank Gallery (Tokyo)

2020 / Shift operation / Cave Gallery (Tokyo) 

2020 / Interactive Youth / Gallery Hinoki (Tokyo)