“Off the grid”, where rhythmic line patterns are used as frameworks for painterly indulgences. Drippings, scrubbings, splatters, smearings, washes, dabbings … the medium of oil paint is thoroughly addressed, as the artist playfully affirms and disrupts abstract compositions in a constant tension between intention and accident.


The canvas surface is built up with sprayed coats of oils thinned with solvents, enabling alterations of the opacity, luminosity, and saturation of the colors. This process of layering paints creates subtle color shifts, lending a sense of dimensionality and depth enhanced by artificial lights and shadows. Close inspection of the surface gives the feeling of a Polaroid's emulsion layer, textured and pebbled to the touch.

The restricted palette packs a punch, from the careful arrangements of contrasting hues to the chromatic perceptual effects of metallic iridescences and rainbow-like gradients. Colors swells beyond confines, at times spanning in large atmospheric swathes from one canvas edge to the other.



The artist's technique is also characterized by a wealth of marks, from bold and expressive strokes to barely visible grazes, some buried under successive layers. Brushes and rollers wield the upper paint layer, manipulating, wiping, and enhancing motifs below. While the tactile quality of these marks is magnified, the surface - yet uneven - remains deceptively flat. Like digital impressions on a screen.

“Off the grid” is a playful study of color and rhythm, where vapor spreads through woven nets and sharp strokes slash across gradients.  While some line motifs are reminiscent of modernists aesthetics, the artist wields them for contrast purpose, as a nod and as reinterpretations of tradition. The idiosyncratic use of the sprayed oil paint and the impactful visual language clearly echoes with today’s culture.


「オフ・ザ・グリッド」は、色とリズムの遊び心に満ちた研究で、水蒸気が織り込まれたネットの中に広がり、シャープな線がグラデーションを横切っていく。 いくつかの線のモチーフはモダニズムの美学を彷彿とさせるが、作家はそれらを対照的な目的のために、伝統のうなずきとして、また再解釈として用いている。吹きつけられた油絵具の特異な使い方とインパクトのある視覚言語は、明らかに今日の文化と呼応している。