Sometimes considered as a “non color” because of its absence in the light color spectrum, black is an elusive and versatile animal.  When mixed with other colors, it creates the illusion of shadows and depth. Used unaltered, it can produce stark contrasts. The abstract works in “Black of all colors” use the interaction of black with other hues to delve into optical phenomena such as illusionary depth and color diffraction

黒と他の色との相互作用を利用し、錯覚的な奥行きや色の回折といった光学現象を探求し生まれたのが”Black of all colors”の抽象作品です。

Spatial voids and uncanny pictorial dimensionality are recurring subjects of fascination for the artist. Reflections, artificial shadows and iridescent colors are used as many visual tricks to challenge the viewer’s perception of the paintings in the gallery environment. Yet, the bold brush marks, the sculptural carvings, the saturated hues of dripping oil paint, all have an expressive accent that calls on the full attention of our senses.  

“Black of all colors” is a playful and elusive visual trip. It rides on the tension between the illusion of three-dimensional depth and the objecthood of the paintings, creating a multi-layered experience for the viewer.


"Black of all colors"は、遊び心に溢れ、捉えどころのない視覚の旅です。立体的な奥行きの錯覚と絵画の物質性との間のダイナミズムを刺激し、鑑賞者に多層的な体験をもたらします。