“Layer by Layer” showcases works done through an iterative process, in a back-and-forth dialogue between the artist inputs and the painting medium’s reactions.

「Layer by layer」展は、アーティストの投入と絵画媒体の反応との間の行き来の対話を通じて、反復的なプロセスを経て作られた作品を紹介しています。

Thomas’s work is a dynamic interplay of spray paint, abstract art traditions, and the influence of digital tools, blurring the boundaries between these realms. He blends his interests in CGI aesthetics, photography, optical effects, and physical phenomena. Encompassing painting, video and three-dimensional works, he creates artworks with uncanny dimensional depth.


His latest works mark a driven approach focused on the organic emergence of abstract patterns from a controlled process. Layer after layer, brushstroke after brushstroke, decisions aim for maximum impact with minimal input, using concise means to make bold impressions. The eyes follow the successive swathes of sprayed oil colors, the drips, the marks, and unfold the artist's chain of actions.


The resulting visuals evoke natural phenomena and organic forms, from microscopic cellular structures to large-scale celestial formations. Driven and deliberate, the works of “Layer by layer” embrace the unpredictability with a sense of balance.

その結果生まれるビジュアルは、顕微鏡で見る細胞構造から大規模な天体形成に至るまで、自然現象や有機的な形を想起させます。意図的でありながらも、不確実性をバランスの取れた感覚で受け入れる「Layer by layer」展の作品です。